How do the models work?

The models are based on calculating the mathematical relationships between demand, capacity (and hence activity) and waiting lists. In the versions available for browsing/download where parameters eg demand vary randomly, the models utilize random number generation based on a uniform distribution curve. The models have been modified to use other random number distributions eg normal distribution or Poisson distribution but these are not currently available for browsing/download. The spreadsheets are protected (for copyright purposes) and this does prevent user modification other than as permitted for normal use of the models.

Can the models work with real data?

Most of the current models available for browsing/download can not accept real data. Different versions of the models have been designed to accept real data but these are not available for distribution. The exception is the bed model – this needsĀ profiles of number of admisions and their associated length of stay. The model is really designed to show the effect of variation and the danger of relying on averages in planning. Please be careful about using this model to plan your bed capacity – hospitals are complex adaptive systems!

Why can I not modify the spreadsheets?

The spreadsheets are protected (for copyright purposes) and this does prevent user modification other than as permitted for normal use of the models.

Can I use the models for free or will I be charged?

The models may be used without charge for personal use. The models may also be used without charge for presentations provided the speaker is not receiving a fee. If you wish to use the models commercially then please contact enquiry@steyn.org.uk to discuss if a fee is payable.

4 Responses to FAQ

  1. Hi
    I love these models because they allow study and explanation.
    however, on the demandanalysis2 I get a ‘circular reference’ error, the system does not crash, seems to calculate stuff but does not show number of patiens on server nor does it add weeks gone by.
    I run it in EXCEL 2010, on a parallels 10 Windows 7 on Mac OSX Maverick.
    the demandanalysis -F runs smoothly
    any advice?
    thanks in advance

    • rssteyn says:

      circular reference occurs because the calculation option in settings has not been set to manual (and iterations 1)

      I have had it working on a similar setup (but using Yosemite)


  2. nicholas coulter says:

    I wondered if you would be able to help
    I’m in the process of supporting the planning for a 14 bedded inpatient unit with a targetd LOS of 8-12 days for planned admission and 1-3 days for crisis admissons
    We aim to have a bed occupancy of circa 60% for planned adnmissions and 15% for emergencies (total 75%)
    We are uncertain of our expected demand at this stage (a work in progress)
    Can you please advise which computer model wold be best for us to use and how to use it?
    For your information I received my D&C training with Kate Syilvestor back in 2004? Her training and your models have been hugely benficial
    Nick Coulter

  3. Bryan Tsao says:

    This topic is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago! I am an access center director with an interest in capacity management.

    I would like to view the DVD masterclass lecture by Dr. Steyn referred to on the Scottish Government website on the topic of “Understanding Capacity and Demand: A resource pack for healthcare professionals”.

    Can this DVD be purchased or is there an online viewable version? Much thanks. Bryan Tsao

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