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Which software to use for SPC charting?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:44 am
by richard steyn
This is an interesting question and in reality the answer I suspect depends on how much you want to spend and what your personal preference are. (important note I have no financial or other interest in any of these software programs).

I know many people use a software macro for excel called BPchart which many of us have obtained free of charge. It works within excel and is versatile at producing run charts and I charts. I use it from time to time. I do not have copyright for this software and hence cannot distribute it through this board.

I have also been using Chartrunner. I have found this exceptionally versatile, can produce almost any chart I want - I suspect if it doesn't produce the chart I want it may be because I haven't read the instructions well enough :lol: It works very well from within excel but can also run standalone and get the data it needs from excel, access or sql files. For more details go to

Some colleagues have been using minitab .... I have tried this program but have not found it user friendly for me.

And others are enthusiastic about Winchart or QI macros. I did look at QI macros briefly .... it is cheaper than Chartrunner, works as a macro within excel but I prefered the features in chartrunner. I have not used Winchart