Davis Balestracci

Davis Balestracci

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Davis Balestracci M.S. statistics, has uniquely synthesized left-brain (analytical) and right-brain (psychological) approaches to quality with “the craftsmanship and passion of Beethoven composing symphonies.” While working for 3M, he received several corporate awards for his innovative teaching and uses of statistical methods.

His interests then evolved to utilizing the Deming philosophy in management and service contexts. For seven years, he functioned as a Deming statistical consultant for a major multi-specialty health care clinic with 500 physicians and 20 locations. He has since developed an international reputation for adapting statistical methods to healthcare improvement as well as innovative approaches to dealing with organizational cultural psychology and corresponding leadership issues through a philosophy of transformation.

Davis is a regular presenter at the prestigious Institute for Healthcare Improvement United States and European annual forums. He is known worldwide for a provocative, challenging, yet humorous and down-to-earth public speaking style, which one participant characterized as “the humor of Seinfeld with the intensity of Richard Dreyfuss” (Must have something to do with his Myers-Briggs “INFP” profile). People appreciate his awareness of the daily realities faced by quality “change agents”—including the inherent frustrations of dealing with “those darn humans!” This practical approach is described in his web site, book, Quality Improvement: Practical Applications for Medical Group Practice, 2nd edition (3rd edition in preparation), and monthly column in Quality Digest (http://www.qualitydigest.com).

Davis has a B.S. degree in chemical engineering, an M.S. degree in statistics, yet describes himself as a “right-brained” statistician (He is a pipe organist and has also done graduate work in orchestral and choral conducting!).

In 1995, at the invitation of Don Berwick, he was a member of a faculty team sponsored by the Harvard Institute for International Development that taught health care quality improvement methods in the Middle East to 80 health care leaders. He has subsequently consulted and given seminars in Canada, Palestine, Israel, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and, over 100 hospitals in England through the sponsorship of the National Health Service’s Modernisation Agency.

Davis is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and was the 2003-2004 chair of its Statistics Division. He is also a past president of the Twin Cities Deming Forum. He can be reached by phone at (207) 899-0962 or via e-mail: davis@dbharmony.com .

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