Welcome, we are pleased you have come here.

What can you do on this website?

Welcome, we are pleased you have come here.

Postby richard steyn » Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:01 pm

Our original website was created to act as a resource for all those interested in healthcare improvement to access my models and our presentations. Of course due to the limitations of a self-run, low cost website the design was really one way - us to you.

We have however been delighted over the years to have met and developed friendships with so many people all aound the world who are so enthusiastic about improving healthcare. At the same time Kate and myself thought it was ironic that we were promoting advanced access, doing todays work today and removing bottlenecks and yet we had our own bottleneck - accessing and updating the website. We also felt it would be much more useful to extend this website into a community resource for anyone involved in healthcare improvement.

We would welcome anyone who wishes to use the website responsibly to post messages, raise topics or get involved in discussions, add posts to our reading lists, share useful presentations, thoughts or whatever. I would however ask that if posting presentations/attachments, please do make sure you: have compressed or used appropriate sized photographs/images so attachments are not too big please virus scan any attachments prior to uploading. Please ensure that any posts/attachments are not offensive.

If particular interest groups wish a mini-forum on the website to make it easy to follow their interest area, that is easy to arrange.

Do I need to pay anything?
We wish to keep this web-site free for all users. Currently the costs of running this website are low and I do not wish it to become commercial nor carry advertising.

I am part of a commercial company/consultancy/"whatever" am I allowed here?
Of course, as long as your interest is in healthcare inprovement or related subjects and you are not just trying to promote your business. Please do declare any conflict of interest in a post if appropriate. We welcome all involved in improving healthcare.

Do my posts have to be about demand capacity and waiting lists?
Please feel free to start a new topic on any area related to healthcare improvement. If the topic is big enough I am happy to create a mini-forum of it's own eg like the Statistical process control mini-forum.

Can I ask about individual patient care?
This is not an appropriate site to discuss individual medical care. (Please speak to your own physician/surgeon/family practitioner). We would be delighted to discuss the issues around how to improve the processes individual patients go through.
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