"That person is just not doing "their job" (repeatedly) ....

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"That person is just not doing "their job" (repeatedly) ....

Postby richard steyn » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:15 am

"That person is just not doing "their job" (repeatedly) .... Why doesn't someone get rid of them?"

Have you come across this. Is this ignored and over time the problem just gets more engrained and more and more difficult...
Should we jump straight in with direct instructions to change .... are we not just setting the scene for conflict and potentially the same or just different strained or harmed working relations.

Perhaps instead it would be more useful to:
1 decide (be clear) what their job is (our expectations)
2 discuss our expections with them
3 review and provide reasonable support to help them achieve those expectations
4 if still not doing "their job" meet formally (if appropriate with human resource support)
5 only then if still required consider termination procedures or transfer to a more appropriate position

What do you think?

richard steyn
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