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Bed Model 4 Question

Postby iduff » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:50 am


I have a query re the Bed Model 4 (v4), I am using the model to do some work on non-elective(emergency) beds only (ie not looking at any elective admissions). I amusing real historical data, daily admissions are in the range 17 to 40 and the mean LOS for all admissions is 6.5 days. I have entered cumulative LOS for each admission number in the corresponding LOS column.

eg - on one line/day only
With the whole data set (several years) on Mondays there has been 9 instances when there was 26 admissions and the total LOS was 1507 days, which calculates as an average of 6.4 days per admission.

My question is, when I input this LOS data into the model, when calculated the mean LOS displayed is somewhere up in the 30.7 region, this is clearly incorrect, am I missing a trick? I have checked the data and have re-calculated the mean with the numbers entered into the model, the mean LOS just seems to be wrong, is there something I am doing wrong.

Any assistance in either sorting the model or educating me would be most appreciated, many thanks.

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NHS Acute Trust
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